one down

September 4th, 2008

Well, that’s my first week back at work done. Pretty easy re-introduction, really, only four lessons. Well, I have four writing lessons on Mondays, and this Monday there were no classes, and the first years register on Sunday, have their opening ceremony on Monday, and start classes on Tuesday, all of which means that this week I only had half of my writing classes and none of my speaking classes, and it was beautifully arranged so that I saw each writing class once, meaning all I’ve had to do is the usual introductory lesson. Well, re-introductory, really, since I’ve taught these kids before.

But this all also means that next week I’ll be on my full timetable, 24 teaching hours. Oh joy. I am so looking forward to that. Really.

Did I mention already that we really need at least one more teacher?

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