September 4th, 2008

So what does one do when the TV simply stops? I mean, just stops? Suddenly, without any warning, all lights go off, nothing’s on the tube, just plain stops? And no other electric appliance has any problem whatsoever. I checked everything, of course, from the plug through the on/off button to the fuse box. No obvious problems. Meaning: Nothing. There’s nothing wrong that I can see without opening up the TV, and not being any kind of electrician let alone a TV repairman, I don’t want to do that. I mean, seeing that the TV was plugged in to one socket that hosted no other appliance, I first checked the fusebox, where nothing was in any way out of the ordinary, then I plugged it into the multibox that hosts both the fully-functional fridge and equally fully-functional (so far as one can tell without a functioning TV) DVD player, and still the TV is stone cold dead.

Well, fearing that some undetected problem whose only symptom so far has been the apparent death of the TV may lead to one of those catastrophic self-destructions cathode ray tubes are sometimes known to indulge in, I’ve left it unplugged and I’ll have another look in the morning.

One Response to “huh?”

  1. Daniel Howard Says:

    Blog about it, obviously, then start reading books.