so young

September 3rd, 2008

See how cool my university is? We’ve got China’s youngest grad student!

中国最小研究生北工大报到 父母来京陪读

China’s youngest graduate student registers at BeiGongDa. Parents accompany him to Beijing to study.


Yesterday was the day for Beijing University of Technology’s over 1300 graduate students of 2008 to register. The 1.7 metre tall, but still fresh-faced 13 year old graduate student Zhang Xinyang immediately grabbed the attention of the other new students and teachers as his parents accompanied him to the graduate students’ registration office outside the school’s Yifu Library.


At around 9 yesterday morning, Zhang Xinyang arrived at the graduate students’ registration office accompanied by his parents. Although at 1.7 metres tall he doesn’t stand out amongst his 20-something classmates, after a more careful look Zhang Xinyang is after all just a 13 year old child. At the new students’ registration office, his parents busied themselves helping him handle each process involved in registration, while Zhang Xinyang sat and waited.


Although he’s about to become a grad student at such a tender age, in his parents’ eyes he’s still a child who loves to play, so when BeiGongDa recruited the child, his mother required the right to accompany him in his studies, considering that until he reached 18 he would need a guardian by his side, and so the school agreeably replied and arranged a separate room for them.


 “We already decided the highly experienced educator and vice-dean of the mathematics institute Cheng Caozong would be his advisor, and hope he can draw out little Xinyang’s talents as much as possible,” said Chairman Wu of Beijing University of Technology’s Graduate School. At the same time, Chairman Wu also believes if Zhang Xinyang’s studies are not strenuous enough, he could still apply to skip a year in the graduate study programme.



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