August 31st, 2008

I’m starting to believe the traditional Chinese calendar. I mean, this year 立秋/lìqiū/the start of autumn fell on August 7, and since then the weather has been slowly cooling off. August wasn’t as hot as I expected- although it certainly was getting very warm during the day, many nights it got quite cool, and cooler as time wore on. Now, after two grey, rainy days, a breeze blew up last night to clear the humid muck out, this morning has dawned bright, blue and crystal clear, and the temperature in our apartment has dropped to 24 degrees. The temperature inside has been hovering around 29 or 30 degrees all month- which is actually quite comfortable if you have a fan going- but now it’s a mere 24 and it feels quite cool. Soon we’ll actually have to start closing the windows overnight.

2 Responses to “cool”

  1. John Says:

    Been similar here in Chengdu. August has been fairly wet and in recent weeks, we’ve had a couple of days of distinctly cool weather blown in by northerly winds. Yesterday morning wasn’t as warm as I was expecting when I went outside, although eventually the cloud broke up and the sun made an appearance, turning the day quite warm.

    But it does seem autumnal ahead of schedule and in spite of what the traditional Chinese calendar might tell you.

  2. wangbo Says:

    Ahead of schedule? Earlier than I would expect considering August hasn’t quite finished yet, but 中秋节 isn’t that far off.