food for thought

August 24th, 2008

I’m really too tired, after a few nights of poor sleep and seven straight days of two hours a morning with an energetic seven year old, to comment much on this piece, let’s just call it food for thought. It’s setting off a few tangents in my brain, got me pondering things, mostly stuff that’s been rattling around inside my skull for quite some time. I might, if I have the energy tomorrow, have another look and turn these tangents into a post, but for now let’s just have a look at this snippet:

 Right now, if the statistics are correct, about 15 percent of Americans are not happy. Soon, perhaps, with the help of psychopharmaceuticals, melancholics will become unknown.

Somehow I hear Huxley’s ghost shouting “Told you so!”, with Zamyatin and Orwell nodding in agreement.

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