subway won’t sleep tonight

August 8th, 2008

新京报/The Beijing News’ Li Liqiang reports that the subway won’t go to sleep tonight, there will be special opening ceremony buses, and many bus routes will run until the wee small hours all to make getting to and from the Opening Ceremony more convenient. Y’know, I think it’s long since time Beijing had subway trains and buses running through the night anyway, especially now that Line 10 stops at Tuanjiehu, a short, short walk from the bars of Sanlitun and the Workers’ Stadium. Anyway:


Whole subway “won’t sleep” tonight

●前往“鸟巢”有三种乘车方式 ●100条常规公交线延时运营

 ●Three ways to get to the “Bird’s Nest” ●100 regular bus routes to extend hours of operation


At 8 this evening the curtains will lift on the opening ceremony at the national stadium, and today 28 special Olympic opening ceremony bus lines will run. In addition, 100 regular bus lines will run until 1am on the 9 August and the entire subway network will run without interruption from the first scheduled train of August 8 until the last scheduled train of August 9 (including the airport line), for the convenience of spectators going to and leaving the ceremony.


Spectators headed for the”Bird’s Nest” to watch the grand occasion of the opening ceremony can choose to take one of the Olympic special routes, a regular bus route, or the subway according to their personal circumstances. Holders of tickets for today’s opening ceremony can ride for free on buses, trolley buses and the subway (excluding passenger transport within suburban districts and counties and the subway’s airport line).

More detailed descriptions of the three ways to get to the opening ceremony follow, but I’m too lazy to translate them, sorry. Anyway, I’m not sure of this line “100条常规公交线在8月9日凌晨1点前摆车接驳” so if you can translate it better than I did, please comment.

Anyway, this is all a great idea and I hope those attending the ceremony leave their cars at home and take public transport.


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