counting down

August 8th, 2008

Two hours to go. My wife is telling me to get off line. We’ve stocked up on snacks and drinks for the Big Occasion. lzh has been channel surfing, and CCTV 5/Olympic already has live coverage of the build up, including footage shot from (I’m guessing here) a helicopter (or at least from something airborne) circling the Olympic Green. And lzh’s specialty chicken curry is planned for dinner- excellent- and she’s starting to cook now. I suppose I should obey orders and shut the computer down. Seems the big headlines in all the Beijing papers are dripping with anticipation of the opening ceremony and that there’s going to be more fireworks than the Gulf War- but good ones this time, like all your Spring Festivals have come at once. Now I’m getting really curious about what Lao Zhang has got planned for us.

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