saving energy

August 3rd, 2008

Look’s like the State Council is on a big energy-saving drive. Or no drive, perhaps, considering this report by Yang Huayun in 新京报/The Beijing News seems to focus on driving restrictions for official cars. An excerpt:


The State Council requires that, apart from certain special public service vehicles, official vehicles of all levels of administrative agencies, social organisations, public institutions and state owned enterprises be driven one day less each week according to the final digit of their licence plate.

The article also sets out which official cars are to be taken off the road on which days. Also:


It is proposed that other units and individuals drive one day less each week in reference to the above priniciple and that more will choose to take public transport when they go out.

But there’s more to the energy-saving plan. Some examples: Lifts in government office buildings should not stop on the first three floors; unnecessary lighting in administrative agencies and public places should not be turned on at night and except for special events, scenic lighting should not be turned on; administrative agencies should take the initiative in using less disposable products.

So more driving restrictions, which I’m sure will take still more cars of the streets of Beijing- although it’s pretty clear that isn’t the actual goal since these restrictions apply across the country. But the driving restrictions are part of a larger plan for saving energy, which would tend to lend a little more credence to these reports of an energy shortage that have been floating around.

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