back open

August 2nd, 2008

The Beijing News reports that the Beijing Railway Station subway station is back open again. Apparently the two southern entrances, the ones that, being closed for renovation, caused the crush of passengers which let to the stations closure for safety reasons, are now split between entrance only (entrance D, the southwest) and exit only (exit C, the souteast) and it will no longer be possible to use the subway station to cross the street. Pedestrians crossing the street will have to use the overbridge.

And I would be tempted to write more, perhaps even translate the article, but I’m just too frustrated with the amount of time I’ve spent banging my head against a brick wall trying to get this computer to let me type in Chinese. I’m using the big, university-supplied one right now. Apart from a message saying that it may have a pirated version of XP installed, it was running very smoothly and even seemed to be in pretty good condition. Should’ve known there’d be a catch somewhere. Anyway, try as I might I can not get Chinese language support of any kind to work on it. I’ve tried changing the language settings, only to be told to insert the CD. I insert the CD, but it doesn’t have the necessary software. I download stuff, but the more I download, the more I need to download, and the bigger each download gets, and I’m no closer to making this bloody thing actually work. So I guess I should just stick with the laptop. At least that works the way it’s supposed to.

I have thought of trying Linux….

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