wind is good

July 29th, 2008

Agh, finally!

Well, it wasn’t the best of sights to see looking out the window this morning. The forecast on CCTV 1 last night said thunder storms. That would’ve been better. But still, waking up to see a good, decent breeze had come through to clear out that sticky, horrible mass of humid muck that has been smothering Beijing for the last week or so (gotta love Imagethief’s description: acid fog. Indeed, I think that should become the proper term for such weather).

There’s still a solid blanket of high cloud, but the air is noticeably clearer. Hopefully this weather will hold-or even better, bring some rain- and we might actually get a look at how the odds/evens traffic restrictions can cut air pollution. I mean, I don’t doubt that the advent of that rule cut the amount of pollution being produced, but there were still vehicles running producing pollution and the last week’s acid fog trapped everything. Hopefully this breeze has wiped the slate clean and will enable us to get a good look at how effective the traffic restrictions can be.

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