July 28th, 2008

新京报/The Beijing News carries a Xinhua report saying that Anshan city in Liaoning is going to start making high school education free, starting from this autumn.


Anshan to popularize free high school education


 In the first batch of 7 schools all new students will be exempt from miscellaneous fees and 50% of textbook fees


Recently the government of Anshan City, Liaoning Province announced that starting from this autumn Anshan will introduce free education at the high school level. The first batch of free high schools plan to enroll over 3800 students.

鞍山市 市长谷春立介绍,设立免费高中,让更多孩子接受高中以上教育,切实减轻学生经济负担,不仅是提高鞍山高水平教育普及率的需要,目的也在于促进教育资源的均 衡化。目前,鞍山已在全市7个县(市、区)各设1所免费的普通高中,招收的新生不仅全部免除学杂费,而且还免除50%的课本费。鞍山市计划在秋季学期招收 3822名免费高中生,每学年免费金额将在200万元左右。

The mayor of Anshan, Gu Chunli, said the establishment of free high schools will allow more children to receive high school or higher education, will practically ease students’ economic burden, and will not only raise the rate of higher education in Anshan, but the goal is also in the promotion of balancing of educational resources. At present, Anshan has already established 1 free ordinary high school in each of 7 counties (cities or districts) throughout the city and is also cutting textbook fees by 50%. Anshan City plans to enroll 3822 students in the free high schools in the autumn semester at a cost of roughly 2 million yuan.


The relevant person responsible in the basic education office of the Anshan Municipal Bureau of Education said Anshan will comprehensively enhance the educational environment and educational quality in the free high schoolsin accordance with the standard for provincial demonstration high schools.


Currently Anshan City’s 7 free high schools have already begun enrollment work, and numerous students have enthusiastically registered. The person responsible at the Anshan Municipal Bureau of Education said Anshan will, on the basis of the test sites, strive to implement free education at all public high schools in a short time.

Oh bloody hell, I screwed so much of that up, especially the second and third paragraphs. Help and corrections will be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, clearly no high school education in Anshan is going to be entirely free, as the students- or more likely their parents will still have to pay half of the textbook fees, but even so this is a positive move, and it’s good to see one of the rust-belt cities actively working to improve the quality of its future labour force.

It’s a pity so few people understand that education is never a private good but always a public investment in the future of the whole society. It’s good to see a city where the officials do understand this.

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  1. Ji Village News Says:

    As far as I can tell, your translation is great!

  2. wangbo Says:

    Really?! Thanks, mate. I found myself bogged down in grammar I couldn’t quite get my head around, that’s why I was so sure I’d screwed it up. If I got it right, good, and thanks for the vote of confidence.