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July 18th, 2008

Thanks once again to Danwei, here’s an interesting article from China Daily: Three new subway lines are apparently opening this weekend. That’s lines 10 and 8 (the Olympic line) and the airport express. But I’m a little confused. The first sentence says Line 10 will open this weekend, but it says:

A 4.3-km length of the Olympic line and a shuttle train between Dongzhimen and the airport terminals will also open for test runs at the same time.

Oh. Well, I hope Line 10, at least, is really open and not just testing. After all, it’s already a month late. But:

Construction of new lines is on schedule despite the delayed opening of Line 10, which had been scheduled to open early last month, Liu Hongtao, deputy director of the local railway transportation construction corporation, said.

Hmmm…. Mr Liu needs some lessons in basic logic. Line 10 was sceduled to open early last month, but it won’t open until this weekend. So it’s five to six weeks late. That means it is not on schedule.

Anyway, there’s one small problem with that Olympic line (Line 8):

However, the Olympic subway line, part of the planned Line 8, will not be open to passengers without tickets or accreditation.

It seems it’s open to Olympic people only. Us ordinary, non-Olympic plebs are not allowed to sully its Olympic purity. Oh well. Suppose it fits with the ever insanely increasing levels of “security” around the place.

Anways, I guess that means that sometime on Monday I’ll be taking a subway joyride to check out the new Line 10.

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