May 18th, 2008

As I pulled the pillows out of the shopping bag, a piece of plaster fell on the floor. I looked around, and couldn’t find a gap in the plaster on the walls or ceiling of the right shape, and certainly no gap approaching the right size. I guess the plaster must’ve somehow found it’s way into the shopping bag. I guess that a piece of plaster fell from the wall of the supermarket and inserted itself into the bag holding the pillow, and somehow nobody noticed it until it leapt onto our floor. But then I noticed: There’s an awful lot of cracks in the plaster on the walls of our hallway. Strange. I had noticed some, but not that many. And apart from one cracked patch in the corner of the loungeroom ceiling right at the entrance to the hallway, there’s basically nothing to suggest even the suspicion of any structural unsoundness in this place. Just the hallway, which is right next to the stairwell….

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