April 26th, 2008

3 HB pencils, sharpened; 1 rubber (eraser- just so you yanks don’t start wondering just what kind of test I’m preparing for); 2 pens, not called for and completely unnecessary, probably, but just in case- no, three pens; test registration certificate and passport, all in a bag by the door ready to go. Alarm set for 5:55 am (is it? CHECK NOW! yes [phew] it is), plan to be ready, together, and out the door BEFORE 7, onto the 649 and at the ErWai south gate with shitloads of time to spare- diligence of the public transport workers and vagaries of Beijing’s traffic willing, of course.

Matt, mate, you’re probably going to kick my arse on this. As for me, I’m not overly hopeful about this HSK thing, but hey, it’s only the first round, there’ll be another chance towards the end of the year.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

4 Responses to “ready?”

  1. Brendan Says:

    Good luck! I’ll be very interested to hear what you think of the HSK — I’ve never taken it.

  2. John Says:

    You should be tucked up in bed by now, but I hope things go well tomorrow. Well, later today. I assume that like IELTS it’ll be pretty intense.

  3. Ji Village News Says:

    Good luck Chris!

  4. wangbo Says:

    Thanks everybody.

    Brendan and John, I found HSK to be less daunting than its reputation suggested. Of course, buying practice tests helped, but that’s when I got the “Oh, it’s not so bad after all” impression, and today’s test confirmed that.