April 16th, 2008

To the staff of the Number 1 Restaurant:

You are supposed to at least try and hide the fact that the “lamb” on your lamb kebabs did not come from any kind of ovine.

Oh, and if you’re charging 8 mao per stick, try and put some meat on it. I mean, more than just two or three scraps. Or should I assume you’re trying to stretch the five rats you caught on Monday over the whole week?

Yeah, last night’s dinner was less than ideal. I mean, it was good to sit out in the open air, and although the days are kinda sticky, at night it’s cool enough to be comfortable despite the ridiculous humidity. But we’re going to have to find somewhere that is:

  1. outside, and;
  2. serves food fit for human consumption.

I’m surprised my gut didn’t give me any trouble this morning.

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