April 8th, 2008

Winston is up to his old tricks. The only good news I can see in this article is this:

 However NZ First’s opposition is not enough to endanger legislation ratifying the deal, which has the backing of National, ACT, United Future and the Progressive Party.

So the FTA is pretty much guaranteed to pass, which is good. The only thing that really concerns me about it is: Will New Zealand’s business community take advantage of the FTA and finally figure out how to do business here?

They’ve got until October to figure that out. I suggest they start by learning to properly value linguistic and cultural skills (give me a decent job, in other words).

2 Responses to “ugh”

  1. Jianjun Says:

    Man, I suggested your blog to and it’s there! Check it out! How do you thank me for that? Keep blogging the hell out of it!


  2. wangbo Says:

    Wow, thanks Jianjun.