uh oh

April 3rd, 2008

It’s not the sky that’s falling, it’s the earth. 新京报/The Beijing News reports:


Three metre deep hole opens in the side road west of Jimen Bridge

Now, let’s see if I can get their picture in here:

jimenqiao hole

Looks ok… Now the text:

工作人员下坑查看情况。昨晚9时许,北三环入口蓟门桥西段的辅路中央,塌陷出约3米深坑,其周围20平方米左右的 路面为后修补路面。交警封闭辅路交通,将车辆疏导到主路行驶。抢修车刨开路面连夜抢修。现场路政抢修工作人员分析,可能是自来水管线泄漏致路面塌陷,具体 原因仍需调查。

Workers went into the hole to examine the situation. At about 9 last night, in the centre of the on-ramp from the side road on to the North Third Ring Road west of Jimen Bridge, an approximately three metre deep hole opened and approximately 20 square metres of surrounding road surface will need to be repaired. Traffic police closed the side road to traffic and opened a way for vehicles to enter the main road. Repair vehicles worked into the night to
repair the road. According to the analysis of road repair workers on the scene,  the collapse may have been caused by leaking water mains, but the specific reason still needs to be investigated.


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