Go Gansu!

March 30th, 2008

新京报/The Beijing News carries a Xinhua report on a new development in Gansu’s wind power industry:


 Gansu hopes to become because wind power production belt


 Jiuquan’s 10 million kilowatt wind power project approved, “Wind Power Corridor” dream gradually becomes reality

据新华社电 日前,随着甘肃省酒泉市1000万千瓦级风电基地建设项目获国家发改委批准及立项建设,甘肃河西走廊构建“风电走廊”的设想正在一步步变成现实。专家分析,甘肃省有望在今后10年内成为全国最大的风能产业带。

Xinhua reports: A few days ago, following the approval by the National Development and Reform Commission and commencement of construction of Jiuquan City, Gansu Province’s 10 million kilowatt wind power base construction project, the dream of establishing a “Wind Power Corridor” in Gansu’s Hexi Corridor is step by step becoming reality. According to expert analysis, Gansu Province will hopefully become China’s largest wind power production belt within ten years.


Gansu Province has abundant wind power resources. According to the Gansu Provincial Meteorology Bureau the results of the latest wind power evaluation make clear that the province has 237 million kilowatts of reserve wind power resources, makingup 7.3% of the country’s total reserves, and technology can exploit 27 million kilowatts, or 10.6% of the national total. Exploitable regions cover an area of 50 thousand square kilometres, or 10.6% of the total area of the province.


It is said that Gansu Province’s wind power resources are mainly distributed along the Hexi Corridor. This long, thin corridor stretching over 1000 kilometres doesn’t only have the “World’s Wind Warehouse” Zhuazhou and “Mouth of the Wind” Yumen, but abundant wind resources are also distributed over other areas, possessing good conditions for the establishment of medium- and large-scale wind power stations.


To transform this superiority of wind power resources into a superiority of clean energy, in recent years Gansu Province has put forward the strategic targets of building the Hexi “wind power corridor” and building a western “Three Gorges on land”. By the end of 2007, Gansu Province’s installed wind generation capacity had already reached 500 thousand kilowatts. At present in the Jiuquan region, annual wind electricity production has already reached 800 million kilowatt hours and installed wind power capacity is one fifth of the national total.

Which is not just good news, but really impressive, too.

I dunno, there’s not a lot of news coming out of Gansu, but what little makes it onto the national stage leaves me with the impression that, at least in the environmental area, the Gansu provincial government has some pretty progressive policies. Go Gansu!

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