March 29th, 2008

Apparently security in Tiananmen Square is going to be tightened in the run-up to the Olympics. Hardly surprising, really.


Random security checks to be carried out in the Tiananmen area

Random? Not quite right, is it. At any time, anyway.


Management regulations for the Tiananmen area have been revised, predicted to be carried out before the Olympics, implemented over the long term

I’m not going to translate the whole thing, firstly because that links to what looks like a page of articles, secondly because my brain still hurts from Thursday’s effort, and most importantly because it’s nearly lunchtime and we’re planning on heading out into the fog to a local restaurant we like. But what’s all this about?

新京报/The Beijing News’ Wu Di reports:


From today on, Public Security personnel will carry out security checks on tourists in Tiananmen Square over an indefinite period. This regulation has already been written into the revised Management Regulations for the Tiananmen Area, and is expected to be implemented before the Olympics. This was reported at yesterday’s Beijing Municipal Government Legal Office news conference.

You know, I guess I just always assumed that the police and other security officials around the Square could- and did- carry out random checks on characters they deemed suspicious. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I mean, the Square has always been a trouble magnet.

But there’s more. The next section is entitled:


Tiananmen service facilities to be unified

Unfortunately the first paragraph is a list- and a rather vague list, at that- of a whole lot of legislative projects for this year, among which are public security projects. The second paragraph is more specific, and tells us that among the revisions to the Management Regulations for the Tiananmen Area are additions that:


Unify the commercial, cultural and other service facilities of the Tiananmen Area



Public Security officials will have the right to carry out security checks in the Tiananmen are

Oh? So they didn’t have that right before? Guess I assumed wrong.


“In fact Public Security officials now have already been carrying out security checks over an indefinite period.”

Ah, right, confusion not cleared up…


Zhang Peili divulged that the details of the security checks will involve such things as checks for dangerous chemicals and other contraband threatening public security and order.

Goes without saying, really.

The next section merely points out that many incidents have happened in the Square in recent years, and Zhang Peili tells us that this is not just about building a harmonious social environment for the Olympics, it will also be carried out over the long term.

Ah, and those other articles that follow on this page? Not immediately relevant. However, the last one is:



Organs will introduce smoke-free areas


Smokers’ room standards have appeared, public indoor areas will progressively comprehensively ban smoking

Yeah, really fudged that one, didn’t I? Ah well, doesn’t matter. Apparently from May a lot more smoke-free areas will be added.

But you know what? I’m getting hungry, so I think I’ll leave the translation to somebody else.



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