and while I’m rambling…

March 25th, 2008

The vernal equinox has made its presence felt. This morning it was an apartment block further south than those that were lit up over the winter that was hit by the rising sun. It’s almost perfectly due east of our lounge room window, maybe a centimetre or two south, and at this time of year, with the equinox just passed, perfectly placed to catch the sun’s rays dead on. The windows weren’t so much painted gold as turned the colour of molten copper. Spectacular. And then this evening, the opposite: the sun setting perfectly in a gap between those apartment blocks, her rays blasting full force straight into our lounge room. Sure, the lack of pollution, thanks to the constant wind the last few days, helped with that, but even so, it’s a nice relief to actually get some direct sun in here after so many months in the shadows.

Sure, I’ll be thoroughly sick and tired of that setting sun in a few days, and as the summer progresses, it’ll move behind the buildings to the southwest and leave us in permanent shadow again, and anyways, it’s only a few short minutes of direct sun each day.

But a few, short, precious, minutes of direct sun.

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