scalpers beware

March 24th, 2008

新京报/The Beijing News’ Wang Shu reports:


 Olympics ticket scalpers could be given reeducation through labour


Beijing police will investigate scalpers, are starting to strike in this direction


 People engaging in the scalping tickets for the Olympics and other large-scale activities may be given reeducation through labour or other severe penalties. The Law and Order Main Force of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau yesterday informed that from today until the end of the Paralympics,  Beijing police would launch a city-wide “unified operation to combat the illegal behaviour of scalping tickets for large-scale activities” in order to ensure orderly public security around venues for the Olympics and Paralympics.


According to the relevant authorities in the Law and Order Main Force, around venues holding matches or events, the police will provide specialised police forces, transfer crime-prevention equipment, and investigate and deal with scalpers. Also, from today the police will investigae scalpers throughout the city and take control of event discipline to “launch the directed attack”.

Note: HELP!!! What the hell is this: “在举办赛事场馆周边,警方将配备专职警力,调用技防设备” actually about?


Our source stated that according to the “Law on Management and Punishment in Public Security” and the “Regulations on the Handling by Public Security Organs of Reeducation Through Labour Cases” and other legislation, those forging, altering with intent to deceive, or scalping fixed-price tickets for the Olympics or other large-scale activities can be detained by the Public Security; those seriously disturbing the normal order of competition venues, yet not meriting criminal punishment, can be seen as suspected of “disturbing public order” and reported for reeducation through labour.

Alright, I’ve made a right hash of this translation. Please, help cleaning this up would be most appreciated.

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