more recommended reading

February 28th, 2008

If only the China Beat had its own address and not some silly blogspot one….

Anyway, more recommended reading, nameless rodented for your mainland viewing pleasure.

But reading that piece, I have to say: The revolution will not come from the middle classes. And certainly not from the upper classes. The best that the arrival of NIMBY in China will achieve is a slow modification of the system as it stands. And yes, that will lead to greater openness and transparency, and perhaps even to something resembling “democratisation”, but it presents absolutely no threat to the regime. See, those who are doing well right now owe their affluence to the regime. They may not be the most intelligent people on this planet, but they ain’t stupid enough to go killing that golden egg-laying goose.

Nah. The only question in my mind is: Can the regime get enough into the countryside fast enough to prevent the revolution.

The affluent, urban folks have everything to lose; the peasants have everything to gain.

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