first week done

February 28th, 2008

It feels kinda odd, considering I’ve actually only worked three days (not counting prep done last week and Monday), but there you go, the first week back is over and done with.

Three days, because there were no classes Monday because the students were registering and collecting timetables and textbooks and so on, and because my super-sweet timetable for this semester gets me Fridays free. Three day weekends, I’m enjoying them already.

And I’m a little surprised by this, but it’s actually felt good to get back into the classroom, even though, thanks to Monday classes being cancelled, I both started and ended the work week with my toughest class- and yes, it felt good to be back in that classroom, too.

I’m also feeling a bit more positive about the textbook we have, too, and I’ve got a pretty good idea of the direction I want to take them this semester. Sure, it’s still just boring, dry as a Beijing spring wind academic writing, but still, I’m feeling pretty good about it- so far, at least.

Interesting, today I asked my students if they kept blogs. In one class only girls admitted to having a blog. Somebody pointed out the boys were too busy playing games to bother writing a blog. In the second class, only two students admitted to writing a blog. And in both classes there was a bit of embarrassed giggling about the idea of having a blog. And of course, none of them ever write any blog posts in English…

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