filling gaps

January 29th, 2008

Thanks to this post of Scott Sommers’,  here’s another blog to fill one of the desperately large gaps in the blogosphere: Tea Masters. Now I’m not so concerned with the Taiwan-centric blogs, and I don’t want to tread on any political toes here, so please, don’t nobody read any political statements into this, cos there ain’t none: Ya woulda thunk that in the branch of the blogosphere based in the home of tea, that most wondrous herb, there’d be more tea bloggers out there. But it takes one guy on Taiwan to fill in for all in Greater China. That’s just as huge and grievous gap in the blogosphere as the lack of Chinese food blogs- except that I’ve started finding some of them (sift through my blogroll for those I’ve found). And it’s strange how you (or at least I) never really notice the lack of things like food or tea blogs until you (or at least I) discover one or two.

Now, Prince Roy also does an excellent sideline in food and drink (and if I ever go to Taipei, I’ll be scouring his archives for precisely that reason), and Beijing Boyce and his Grape Wall of China have Beijing’s bars and China’s wine scene covered, but still… I wonder what the prospects of a baijiu blog would be? Nah, it’s just too acquired a taste, and most foreigners never get it, and Chinese already know about it, and I could only cover baijiu in the cooler months, and my tastes are a bit too focussed on the North, Northeast and Neimeng… Yibin’s brews are decent, but a bit sweet for me, the stuff I tasted in Hunan I remember being overly spiced, and Fenjiu is passable but a bit weak, with a cloying sweetness that goes fine with vinegar and Pingyao beef, but…

Anyways, even though I’ve only just started reading Tea Masters, I can guarantee you, that blog is instantly going into my list of daily must-reads.

Oh, and so you’re warned, the Tea Master seems to alternate between French and English, so if you don’t read French, just scroll down to you find a post in English.

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