blow up my kitchen

January 15th, 2008

lzh just blew up our kitchen… or at least that’s what it looked and sounded like. She dumped potato shreds in the wok, and in addition to the usual explosive sound of raw food hitting a hot wok, the wall suddenly shone orange in the light of the flames… and I’m getting the blame, because I put so much oil on and in and around the wok last time I cooked.

Wait, last time I cooked was this morning and I cooked porridge, as I do almost every morning… no, wait, I think she’s referring to the last time I cooked a real meal, which involved deep frying tofu. And yeah, the wok’s been acting kinda funny, at least in terms of its interaction with the flame, since then.


she’s already denounced me as an assassin of public infrastructure, maybe she’s right.

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