January 6th, 2008

This is one of those articles that has me asking more questions than the article answers, one of those articles that China’s English language State media is so good at producing.

“7 fisherman missing in ship collision near Taiwan” says the headline. But wait…. the fishing boat was carrying 71 people, two from Taiwan and the rest Mainlanders. 71 people on a fishing boat? 69 of them Mainlanders? Near Taiwan’s Keelung Islet? And they were all fishermen? Really?

2 Responses to “puzzling”

  1. nick Says:

    Human smuggling from the mainland into Taiwan is apparently a huge problem. Fishing boats are often used.

    Do fishing boats usually carry that many people?

  2. wangbo Says:

    That’s why I found that article so fishy- 71 people on a fishing boat? And all but two of them from the Mainland? I think people smuggling is a more likely explanation and Xinhua was just trying to save face.