what’s happening?

December 16th, 2007

First this article about a, ahem, sudden death in police custody in Kaifeng, which includes suggestions of less than honourable conduct by the police, and then this one about the Xiamen municipal government’s public hearings on the infamous Haicang PX plant:

Of the 107 members of public selected by lottery to represent the citizens of Xiamen at the hearings on Thursday and Friday, 91 opposed the project, 15 voiced their support, and one left without speaking.

About 80 local lawmakers and political advisors were also in attendance and out of the 15 that addressed the forum, 14 spoke against the municipal government’s plan to build the paraxylene (PX) plant.


The representatives of the Xiamen residents were chosen on Tuesday by lottery from a total of 624 people who had registered. About 100 residents were picked as representatives and another 100 were selected as alternate representatives.

And both these articles appearing on china.org.cn. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. I’m wondering if that really was tieguanyin I was drinking this morning.

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