I’m scaring myself

December 8th, 2007

Over the last week or so I’ve started to think that a National-led government might be the best result of the New Zealand election I believe is due next year. Not becaue I like National- I can’t stand the arrogant born-to-rule pricks- but because Labour is simply going too far.

Too far towards a dictatorship of Her Helenness. Strong words, yes, but Helen Clark is just getting creepier and creepier, and that creepiness looks too much like the arrogance of a successful revolutionary (which is what I loathe most about the parties I would naturally be inclined to vote for. In every leftists heart is the dream of leading a successful revolution, and the end result of that dream is an abandonment of all leftist principles. Read Animal Farm if you need an explanation).

This post and its comments only serve to increase my growing discomfort with Labour and Her Helenness (I only wish it were easier to find a trackback/permalink for it).

So I’m starting to think that a good, healthy wolloping of Labour by the Nats and some quality time for Labour on the opposition benches (but please, only one term at most) might serve to clear out a certain cancer in Labour and get them back to what they’re supposed to stand for.

Because just as New Zealand First should have been named Winston First, Labour really should start thinking about either getting back on track or changing its name to Helen First, and Wellington to Helengrad.

But you know what? I terrify myself when I catch myself thinking, let alone writing, such thoughts. I certainly do not support Labour, they’re just the lesser of two evils when judging Aotearoa’s two large political parties, and I will always be happier and comfortabler with Labour in power than the Nats, but this Labour-led government really is starting to creep me out, and I want the bastards gone, even if that means a term of Nat-led nastiness.

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