could it be?

November 24th, 2007

Could it be that this afternoon I made some real progress on catching up all that paperwork that I want out of the way before my parents arrive? Wow. Amazing. I’m treating myself to a bottle of Dragon Seal dry red wine as a reward for an afternoon well spent. Yeah, I know, not much of a reward. Somehow I just didn’t want to face the market at 5-ish of a Saturday evening. Then I remembered that the nearby Dia left me with the impression that despite being small, dusty, dirty and chronically understaffed, and what staff they do have being a bit lacking upstairs, had a surprisingly reasonable wine collection.

Ummmm…. How did I get that impression? Oh well, bottles of dry red were available, and surprisingly un-dust-covered considering how everything else in the store looked like it had just been bought in from the Gobi Desert, and at reasonable prices.

Reasonable prices? The older I get the more in touch with the Scottish half of my ancestry I get.

But the also had wines claiming to be from Spain and Argentina for absurdly low prices like fifteen or twenty yuan. I kid you not. Imported wine that cheap? To quote a Canadian I knew out in Taiyuan: “Let me check my passport. Nope, in fact I was not born yesterday.” Hence the Dragon Seal. Well, it’s drinkable, that’s about all you can ask for from wine.

So lzh is up in the village making some of the final arrangements for the wedding on Friday. Not everything is going as well as it should, but some things are turning out better than expected. I’m down here doing a much better impersonation of productivity than I thought possible. Mum and Dad arrive Monday evening….

The rice is cooked, so maybe I should think about whipping up something to go with it. Soon. Another glass of wine to whet my appetite first.

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