November 19th, 2007

Somebody broke my bike. It was parked at the bottom of the stairwell. Yesterday lzh noticed that the lever for the front brake had been snapped off. I guess sometime on Saturday night somebody accidentally knocked the bike over, it landed awkwardly on the front brake, and the lever snapped. Well, that’s my best guess based on the lack of other injuries sustained. It certainly doesn’t look like anybody decided to take out their frustrations on my poor, defenceless bike.

Actually, I was kinda hoping somebody would steal it. That might help me convince lzh that I really do need a new Flying Pigeon Big Black Monster. Now that’s a real bike.

While I’m rambling randomly, how’s this line from this article?

A thorough search of his car revealed the “Steetwise 900K Volt” stun gun in a pocket of the driver’s side door, leaving police “shocked”, he said.

Anyway, moving right along:

I would’ve thought today’s wind would’ve cleared the air out, but looking north as I crossed the bridge on my way home after lunch, it looked like a minor dust storm was blowing in. Not surprising, that stretch of Xidawang Lu still has a lot of construction sites, and one infamous equation is Beijing + wind + construction =  a lot of flying dust and sand and grit. But looking out the window at five-ish this afternoon revealed a typical Beijing sunset- the smog turning orange in the sun’s dying rays. Sure, it wasn’t too smoggy, and none of the buildings visible out our lounge room window were obscured, the haze was clearly in the background, but still- why was the wind not working it’s air-cleaning magic?

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