which Scotland?

November 17th, 2007

Spotted in the convenience store up the road: A box claiming to contain whiskey, alleging said whiskey was a product of Scotland. But something about that box made it difficult to believe its contents were actually produced in the Scotland that makes up the northern part of the UK. Perhaps it was the name of the whiskey: Jiashihua. Doesn’t seem like a particularly Scottish name to me. Maybe I’m missing something, though. Maybe a Scottish distiller decided to change it’s name to something that looks remarkably like a Chinese word written in Pinyin. Or maybe there’s a whiskey-producing Scotland hidden somewhere within the borders of the People’s Republic.

What’s irritating is that that store also has bottles of remarkably genuine-looking imported vodkas and whiskeys, but because it’s a small, privately-owned store, I don’t dare buy any drink stronger than canned Tsingtao from them. This mysterious box I spotted this evening doesn’t do much to boost my confidence.

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