is this for real?

November 15th, 2007

Really, is this for real, or are my eyes deceiving me? Could there really be a sane, balanced and reasonable article on toy recalls appearing in the NZ Herald?

3 Responses to “is this for real?”

  1. China and I Says:


    Don’t worry newspapers and TVs have the same view on China; so, the problem is not only with New Zealanders.

  2. hi Says:

    A basic understanding of statistics is the solution. Unfortunately, most people, including the readers in the west, cannot differentiate between an independent report (not necessarily objective and true) and a professional study.

  3. wangbo Says:

    China and I: Yes, I know. It just frustrates me more when it’s coming from my own country.

    hi: You’re absolutely right. Trouble is, I’m stubborn, and I still expect journalists to at least try and present the facts as they are. I like tilting at windmills, for some strange reason.