November 15th, 2007

So last night’s CCTV-1 weather forecast was as accurate as ever. Sleet turning to cloudy? No. No sleet, just high clouds. Low of zero? At least. Wouldn’t be surprised if the temperature was a degree or two cooler, though, judging by what hit my slowly receding hairline as I stepped outside this morning. Must start wearing my hat for these early morning starts, it’s getting a bit chilly, and it’s no good showing up for class with a frozen noggin. But the air was beautiful, perfectly crystal clear.

It’s starting to slowly smog up again as the traffic does its evil, but this morning was incredible.

And if, for whatever bizarre reason, you’re not starting to feel a little peckish as lunchtime approaches, go check out this site. Mmmmm…. suanlafen…… Unfortunately I only have  frozen jiaozi in the house and I’m feeling too lazy to go look for a good Sichuan restaurant, even though the delights of Wusheng Lu and the alleys and lanes between here and there are within easy reach…. mmmm, maybe I might drag myself away from the computer…. But I do still have plenty of that excellent Hainan yellow…. Yes, my chilli tolerance is slowly returning, and I’m very happy about that.

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