November 9th, 2007

Uh, no, John, I suspect either you’re wrong (for the time being) or I’ve had incredibly brilliantly unusually good luck finding those holes in the GFW/catching Nanny napping/sneaking out of the Panopticon. I’m still getting through to blogspot blogs unpoxified (deliberate spelling mistake- I hate poxy servers).

8 Responses to “oh?”

  1. Chris D Says:

    I am curious what entry from John’s site you’re referring to (if any).

    From what I heard, blogspot has been unblocked. Works just fine for me at work and home.

  2. Chris D Says:

    I am curious what article of John’s you are referring to – maybe it’s not on the main page anymore?

    I think blogspot has been officially unblocked – as it has been working for me for the last… 2 weeks? (+ or – a week) both at home and work (I’m in Beijing)

  3. Chris D Says:

    Hmm, sorry for the duplicate!!

  4. wangbo Says:

    Not referring to any entry of John’s, just an oblique reference to a comment John left here yesterday on the subject of blogspot. Sorry to confuse you.

  5. John Says:

    I’ve just tried blogspot with IE7 (which, unlike Firefox, has no handy script for dodging the blockade), but nothing doing.

    I’m wondering from Chris D’s comment whether this is a Beijing phenomenon. blogspot was unblocked during the Party conference and was then promptly blocked again once it was over.

  6. wangbo Says:

    Could be local. The question is: Is it a Beijing phenomenon or a Chengdu phenomenon?

  7. Chris D Says:

    O.k., now blogspot isn’t working for me… grrr

  8. wangbo Says:

    I hate how different ISPs and networks block and unblock at different times. If we’re going to have a Great Firewall, they could have the decency to centralise the bloody thing.