bloody hell

November 9th, 2007

So how much did he get paid? Oh well, who cares…. If Tony Blair were speaking anywhere within a 500 km radius of me I’d be demanding he pay me a minimum 500,000 pounds sterling (cash: used, non-consecutive, unmarked bills in clear plastic bags with none of those dye bomb thingies. I’ll contact you at 9:40 am Monday morning to tell you the drop-off point) in compensation for the grave psychological harm caused by the sheer amount of waffle emitted. And I’d demand an equal amount be paid to the local authorities in compensation for the environmental damage caused by the sudden release of such a huge amount of hot air.

I like Mr Spencer’s last paragraph:

I suppose that’s one unfortunate by-product of not being a democracy. Instead of getting to listen to your own democratically elected leaders for free, you have to pay millions of yuan to listen to the wisdom of leaders that have been democratically got rid of elsewhere.

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