finally, some common sense

October 21st, 2007

And finally we have some common sense commentary on the Police (side-track: That police website seems to be available in a wide variety of languages, but I can’t see a link for a version in Te Reo. Or any Pacific Island language, for that matter) and SIS lunatic “anti-terrorist” operation in Tuhoe country.

And it’s not just Tuhoe that’s been targeted, but environmentalists, too.  Cos, you know, people who try to save native snails are so threatening. Especially those vegans.

Anyway, here’s a couple of snippets from page 2 of Matt McCarten’s rant:

 My opponents may accuse me of being pro-terrorist or at least an apologist for them: I am not. What I don’t like, however, is the sinister way in which the Suppression of Terrorism Act is being used against people engaged in domestic political activity.


And even when people damage property or even hurt individuals in political activity the police have always been able to arrest them using the Crimes Act. The Suppression of Terrorism Act – even its name is provocative – is a political weapon against dissent.

Those of us opposed to this act are now seeing it abused in the way we feared it might. We shouldn’t be worrying about the antics of Tame Iti. We should be instead very worried about the creeping powers of our secret police.


Well, actually, the NZ Herald has decided to devote an entire section to the “anti-terror” raids. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in there, and more and more of the coverage I’m seeing seems to be casting more and more doubt on the police and SIS claims.

Anyway, I’m sceptical of the Police claims. And I’m concerned at the appearance that Aotearoa is heading down the British track to a surveillance society.

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