October 10th, 2007

This is offensive in its own right, offensive because people, and especially children, in making a living out of other peoples’ rubbish, are forced to poison themselves. But it’s most offensive because only a couple of months ago affluent, unpoisoned middle- and upper-class Westerners were all upset at the prospect of their children being poisoned by the lead in the paint of certain toys. And the lead-painted toys? Lead is not absorbed through the skin. The rich kids in question would have had to basically chew all the lead paint off the toys and swallow it all in order to be affected, let alone properly poisoned. And yet, back in the real world, literally thousands of children are dying every day… from malaria and other mozzie-born diseases, from contaminated water, and from the work they are forced to do to keep their families alive.

Really, I don’t know what I can do to help, except to keep ranting into the emptiness.  This is one project worth supporting, though, one that will go some way to resolving the contradictions in this fallen world. It’s a better effort than anything I can manage, at the very least.

But really, tell me, what can I do? Nobody who has the money or power to change things for the better is in any way interested in the necessary changes, because those changes mean the removal of that money and power and therefore privilege.

Ah, stop ranting. I need to sleep so that tomorrow I can go back to work and provide for my own family.

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