does this work?

October 10th, 2007

Follow this link and let me know, does it work? Or let me see what this does:

[deleted bit that doesn’t work]

Working? Update: well, obviously that bit doesn’t work. Oops. And the link is kinda slow, but it seems to be going through. Painfully slowly. But it seems to work.
It took me a really long time to get the pictures to actually appear on voicethread, and then they came out, at least, to my eyes, really blurry, which annoys me. Voicethread looks like a really cool tool, and I’d love to play with it more, but obviously I need to play and learn more before I get it working properly for me.

I found voicethread via the most excellent China Dream Blog, which you should all be visiting on a regular basis and supporting as much as possible. Obviously, the dreambloggers are of a much higher technical competency than I am. Oh, just in case Lonnie or David are reading- I tried leaving a comment at the Dreamblogue, but something got buggered up. I suspect maybe it’s my connection that’s causing the trouble, though.

Oh, and yes, I go by the screenname wangbodahe at voicethread, same as my MSN. There is a story behind the addition of the dahe, but it’s boring. I just added that to my vt screenname because wangbo seems like such a common name… same reason I usually sign my name as chriswaugh_bj in comments on other blogs.

4 Responses to “does this work?”

  1. Lonnie Says:


    Thanks for the nice words…

    Voicethread is great, aye?

    They have a plug-in for wordpress that makes ours easier to display….Blew out the blog before we used the one they designed…

    I cannot wait for the update….I think out today!

    Hey from GZ!


  2. wangbo Says:

    Hey Lonnie,

    Blogtown is based off wordpress, so I’m more or less using a wordpress platform, so I guess I buggered something up in trying to embed that voicethread.

    But yeah, I’m looking forward to playing with voicethread some more. I had a bit of trouble getting it to work, and I have yet to figure out how to get my pictures showing up as clearly as they do on my computer (guess I have to fiddle with the resolution), but it seems like a potentially very powerful story-telling tool.

    And I think it was the updated version I used to finally get my voicethread up and running- somehow the classic version wasn’t working. It is indeed very, very cool.

  3. Lonnie Says:

    I love Voicethread….simplicity rules….

  4. wangbo Says: