Quick note from the village

October 3rd, 2007

Thanks to China Uselesscom, I have to use the in-laws’ phoneline to get online. I don’t know why, but for three days straight I’ve been unable to use the wireless. So this will have to be quick.

So for National Day, as always, we came up to the village. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it feels good up here. A much needed break from the city.

So I used the first two mornings to catch up on marking assignments- the really big disadvantage of writing classes. I caught two students plagiarising- one just ripped the whole thing off the internet, the other only copied part of his essay. Well, I assume he only copied part of his essay- if he copied the whole thing, he needs to find a better source of assignment cheats. The stupid thing is that in both cases I plugged a quotation from their “work” into google and the first page of results turned up exactly what I was looking for. And then another two- but in two different classes- had one section of their assignments identical. If they stole that off the internet, they really need to find a better source of cheats. And of course, I warned them all very clearly exactly what would happen if they plagiarised.

Of course, it’s kinda cool up here, and quite chilly overnight. Strange thing is it hasn’t been very dry. It rained the first night we were here, and it’s been cool and damp since then.

Better go, don’t want to run up a really huge phone bill for the in-laws.

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