a forecast for rain

September 26th, 2007

Cool humidity, solid clouds, and a sky growing darker. And last night’s weather forecast seemed to suggest we were in for two straight days of rain. No sign of rain so far, and there’s a majiang game being played and kids running around over the wall (our fourth floor apartment is high enough that there might as well not be a wall around our little BeiGongDa compound). It’s rained a couple of times this autumn, and I’m told that means the temperature will drop faster than normal, although the winter won’t necessarily be any colder than normal.

Just another lazy day in what is turning in to quite a lazy week. S’pose I better remember that I have class at 8 tomorrow morning, and three lessons in all tomorrow. All prepared for, don’t worry. And I suppose I really should be marking assignments….

It was a quiet Mid-Autumn Festival for us. We cycled up to the Carrefour at Jiulongshan, bought a few things, cycled home, got dinner, watched a silly comedy film that involved Tim Allen turning into a dog, ate half a mooncake each. On the way back from Carrefour, cycling down Xidawang Lu, I looked up for the moon. Disappointment. It was a small, round-ish, slightly rusty looking blob low in the eastern sky. Now, last year up in the village was awesome- the moon hung huge and unbelievably round and low and so bright that when I woke up in the middle of the night, I thought it was already early morning. Now that is a proper Mid-Autumn moon.

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