The Dreamblogue

July 31st, 2007

It seems to be taking some time, which is understandable, I mean, it’s quite a mission these guys are undertaking, but the Dreamblogue seems to be finding it’s feet. They’ve even made it onto Global Voices, which should hopefully bring them some much-needed traffic (more traffic=higher advertising rates=more money for charity). Anyway, they’ve got the first round of dreams up (actually, that’s been there a while, now), and they’ve chased that up with an intro to Guangdong Province and what reads a lot like a mission statement. So at least go and read, because the more traffic they get the more advertising revenue goes to charity.

Me, I’m looking forward to when they get to travelling, they’re going to have some great stories to tell, I know it.

Dreamblogue 加油!

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