just a little headachy

July 29th, 2007

Roubaozi is in town. He arrived Friday for a few days in the real world before he flies off home to Southland for the summer winter holiday. Funnily enough, this means I’ve spent a fair bit of time hanging out with him. Combined with a full morning of interviewing prospective students this morning (not the best. Noticeably lacking in quality compared to the first round two weeks ago), I’m feeling just a wee bit run down, tired and heachachy right now. Well, there was Kiwi Club on Friday night (bastards didn’t order enough Speight’s, we had to switch to Export Gold, with all the results one would expect of a switch to a decidedly inferior beer), pizza and a few De Konincks at the Tree last night, and it’s a really good thing that neither of us has to work tomorrow, cos he’ll be popping round for a couple more quiets later on….  But it’s bloody good to have such a good mate in town again.

So, yes, this blog may be a little on the quiet side for a few days.

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