July 27th, 2007

Aha! So I can use Live Writer to post to my canalblog account! My much neglected canalblog account…. Can’t see the canalblog style, though, but I’m assured I can post there. Yeah, I’m planning on getting that restarted as my Chinese study blog, and expanding it from Chinese language to culture and whatever else strikes my fancy. But hey, I’ve got that canalblog account, and canalblog is pretty cool, so I might as well use it for something. Of course, that means actually studying…..

Live Writer doesn’t cooperate with over-blog, though.

Another thing I’ll have to sort out is that annoying habit of opening any new post in Tencent Traveller.

And for some reason, going between Firefox and Messenger and Live Writer (you know, because I tend to be doing a gazillion things at once when I’m online) seems to slow the computer down to somewhere around the “painfully slow even by arthritic snail standards” mark, which is irritating. I’m not sure if that’s Live Writer, Tencent Traveller, or the years of neglect by previous foreign teachers this computer has suffered. Which reminds me, I should probably install Live Writer on the laptop, too.

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