Look what I found at Baidu Baike:


The legend of “Nüwa Mending the Sky” happened in Shanxi. The earliest ancestors of the Chinese peoples the Yellow Emperor/Huang Di and Yan Di were both active in Shanxi. The three emperors of China’s ancient times, Yao, Shun and Yu all built their capitals in the south of Shanxi, namely “Yao’s capital Pingyang” (modern Linfen City), “Shun’s capital Puban” (modern Yongji City) and “Yu’s capital Anyi” (modern  Xia County).

Right. Now I don’t know how Nüwa got into this (and isn’t she more myth than legend?), and I have my doubts about just how much the real, historical Huang Di, Yan Di, Yao, Shun and Yu resembled the legendary versions.  But it is interesting to see that these five ancient, legendary kings and emperors were not only active in the area, but in the case of three, including Yu, the founder of the Xia Dynasty, built capitals in Shanxi. Beat that, Henan.

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