July 16th, 2007

The three days I spent last week on the history of Yanqing left me worn out. Well, first of all, I’m not used to spending so much time reading Chinese, let alone translating. And then…. I dunno, but by Thursday I was shattered. Anyway, I still have stuff to work on. There’s a nice, huge, long piece about Guyaju that I haven’t even started to read, and that will have to somehow be worked into that page on the history of Yanqing. And then I have to start on Shanxi…. Well, I already have some stuff on Shanxi to sort through, including a huge big piece on the Great Scholar Tree in Hongdong County, Linfen City. Yes, that Hongdong. You wouldn’t know it from the news coverage over the last month, but there is more to Hongdong, and Linfen, and Shanxi than coal, illegal brick kilns, and slavery. A lot more. So anyway, I guess I should get started on this stuff. After lunch.

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