healthy paranoia?

July 5th, 2007

So I’ve now got the broadband in our apartment working, but I’m kinda reluctant to use it to check my email or blog. I have to sign in to the BeiGongDa network to use it, see, and although that’s probably only for billing purposes, I’m still kinda wondering about it….

…and so today I’m being paranoid and using the dial-up to check my email and write this.

Which is a bit silly, really. I should turn this off and use the broadband.

In other news, the weather only gets muggier. In other words, there is no news. Right, I’m going to stop being silly and get on to the broadband.

Well, the university provides a nice, big Lenovo desktop in the foreign teachers’ apartments, and so I’m using that as a backup for photos and files and everything. Also, as soon as I got the broadband working I did what I do with any new computer and immediately started downloading stuff- all the things needed to run a computer properly with as little interference from Microsoft as possible. The only problem was that I couldn’t download AVG anti-virus for some reason. AVG anti-spyware was no problem, but for some reason I just couldn’t get the anti-virus. I remember somebody recommending another anti-virus a while ago, but I can’t remember it, and I suspect it was one of the bookmarks China Uselesscom so kindly decided to remove in the midst of one of its semi-regular spasms. But I got Firefox and Picasa and what…. I can’t remember. I also decided to give Safari a go. So far I’m not too impressed and I’m sticking with Firefox for my main browser, but I’ll keep playing around with Safari.

And one reason for my paranoia right now is that as soon as I installed AVG anti-virus I scanned the computer and, of course, a whole lot of badness showed up, including one particular piece of nastiness called CNSMin which I have only seen on school networks- this particular piece of nastiness caused me no end of grief in Tianjin. So that got my paranoia going. There was also a trojan. In fact, there were three high-risk things, which is more high-risk nastiness than I’ve ever had on this laptop.

The other hassle with that desktop is that previous occupants of this apartment very kindly left large amounts of their junk on the computer, meaning a whole lot of the c drive was taken up with stuff that means nothing to either of us. So of hidden some of it away on the d or e drive or somewhere, and a lot of it I’ve just deleted. Now, with all of that extra, irrelevant rubbish and me backing up all our stuff I managed to completely max out the c drive, so I copied all of our stuff to the e or f or whatever drive just to make sure then went about getting rid of as much of this extra rubbish as possible. Now I’m back to a more reasonable amount of space on the c drive.

I want one of those portable hard drives to put all our photos on. That’d allow me to free up a lot of disk space here and on that desktop.

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