one more day

June 29th, 2007

Only one more day in this dump. Most of our stuff is packed. Tomorrow we leave. I’m so looking forward to being back at BeiGongDa. I’m so looking forward to living this shithole corner of the capital.

And typically, the water is off yet again. When lzh got up this morning, there was no water. When I got up about half an hour later, the water was back on, but at a very low pressure and slightly discoloured, with a slight tint of rust to it. I’m thinking perhaps I should run down to the local market for a big bottle of mineral water to brew my tea with. I think perhaps the water we have stored here, and the water that has been coming out of the tap for the last couple of days (when the water has been on, that is) is just a tad too mineral. And now the water is off again. Honestly, the only other part of Beijing I’ve lived in with such an unreliable water supply is Tongzhou. Even the in-laws’ village in Yanqing does better than this- and you can drink the tap water in perfect safety up there.

Anyway, never mind, one more day and then we’re outta here.

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