June 28th, 2007

[update: I’m not the only one to have been inflicted with this non-sensical spam.]

Somehow that post entitled 压力 attracted the longest, most bizarre comment I’ve ever received, a comment coming from somebody calling him/her/itself, from some place I’ve never heard of called Contra Costa County, apparently. In a few minutes I will delete the comment and mark it as spam, but for now, I’ll give you a couple of little snippets. First up, the most sensible part of this extremely long comment. Or should that be the least non-sensical part:

“Many monarchies of centuries ago ruled with an iron fist. People were afraid and hence thought appropriately. Now in this era of “freedom” in the United States there is NO FEAR, and people fall prey to the numberous tactics employed to disceive and mislead them.”

And a wee snippet to give you a taste of what the rest of the comment is like:

“The Apocalypse will ocurr EXACTLY as it reads in Revelations, for this great wealth obviously proves it is a white man’s god. The irony here is that the New Testiment is evil and Christianity is wicked.
The gods LOVE their irony. Understanding this can help you understand”””
– “god is everywhere.” “god is all around us.” – BLClone hosts ARE the gods – computer animates them.
– Italians and blacks have a lot in common – questionable intelligence, hypersexual
making people stupid is just another way of punishing the disfavored. This was NOT just a “stereotype”.
– blacks like homos, ironically:::
1. Ebonincs vs feminine inflection
2. Trapped in “the life”
– TheGreatestGeneration=TheMostDegenerateGeneration

– Kosher is a favor bestowed upon the Jews. The South eats LOTS of pork and there is a oyster bar on every corner. It’s kinda like liquor stores in the ghetto. This is the kind of irony the gods laugh about:::::
– anti-climatic nature of sexual intercourse
– Schwartzenegger is the Terminator”

Ummm, right, so there you go. Actually, the comment only gets worse.

Anyway: odd1906evil or whoever or whatever the hell you are, you are hereby banned from this blog for your utterly non-sensical comment spam.

Oh, and if anybody out there is from or at least familiar with California: Is there something I should know about Contra Costa County? Something funny in the water out that way?

2 Responses to “wow!”

  1. John Says:

    I’ve just been sniffing my bottle of Tippex for five minutes to see whether I could be inspired to produce such nonsensical bollocks, but all I came up with was

    Apply a thin layer and wait for it to dry.

    I’m a bit rubbish at comment spam, but I’m sure I’ll get better as senile dementia sets in.

  2. wangbo Says:

    I think you’ll need something a bit stronger than Tippex if you want to produce bollocks as nonsensical as that piece of spam. Then again, it’s not too long before senile dementia for you…