June 3rd, 2007

Lao Ma, my former student, is too good to me. He went back to his hometown this weekend, and as soon as he got back late this afternoon, he stopped by our place with a huge load of rice and a bottle of wine. His hometown, even though it’s in the northeast, is famous for rice, and the wine is some special kind of 野生葡è?„é…’/wild grape wine from 通化市/Tonghua City, which I believe is in Jilin.

Just opened the wine and I’m letting it ‘breathe’ a little. The cork was dodgy as hell, and actually fell most of the way into the bottle when it was touched by the bottle opener and the bouquet, which most people call the smell, is odd and slightly vinegary, and the alcohol content is quite low at a mere 4%. But the label assures me it’s all safe and I’m keen to try.

Anyway, definitely need to invite Lao Ma out for a meal before we leave this place. Especially considering he’s about to head off to Iran for a half year’s study of Farsi.

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