I heard a noise that sounded like maybe a water blaster or some other kind of industrial-ish equipment somewhere nearby. In fact, it had been going off and on for 10 or 15 minutes. Then it suddenly sounded a lot closer and was joined by the sound of falling water, so I looked out the window.

Well, I heard Lao Zhang, the school caretaker/driver/Mr Fixit in the corridor this morning, so I guess he’s involved. It seems they’re taking their water blaster around the various class rooms and offices, hanging out the window, and water blasting the outside components of the air conditioners.  It seems they’ve been working on the fourth floor units. It remains to be seen whether they’ve decided our aircon also needs to be water blasted. Personally I don’t see the point of this exercise, but there’s a good reason why Lao Zhang is the caretaker/driver/Mr Fixit and I’m an English teacher.

Anyway, it was slightly odd, in that bored, Saturday morning, nothing better to do kind of way, to poke my head out the window and see water cascading off the aircon units upstairs.

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